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NumberT 25006
Birth Date8/21/69
AddressSalinas Valley State Prison  -   A-4-114
P O Box 1030
Soledad, CA 93960
Nation/TribeHualapi Nation
CommentsGamyu (How are you?) all my brothers and sisters of all nations and tribes.  Before I go on allow me to introduce myself to all of you.  My name is Dave,  but my given Native name is Bear.  I come from the Hualapi Nation,  the Big Sandies Clan.  Our people came from Arizona,  the Grand Canyon,  and our rez is called "Peach Spring."

I'm 33 summers old,  6'  tall,  brown eyes,  black hair.  As for my bloodline,  I'm halfblood.  My mother is full Hualapi,  my father was Afro American.

I am looking for someone to write me,  and welcome the friendship of both men and women,  and age is not a factor.  [NOTE NAPN REQUIRES VISITORS BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO ENTER THIS SITE]  Please write me and tell me about yourself.  I feel strong about our native ways and prefer someone who is strong in our ways as well.
InterestsSinging native songs,  drumming,  taking part in ceremonies,  and going to pow wows and sweats;  Camping,  hiking,  going for walks  -   all kinds of outside things.  Also I like to bike ride,  dance,  listen to music,  and really like to watch all kinds of movies.
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