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Jeffery Wooten photo
Birth Date12/1/64
AddressSoutheastern TN State Regional Correctional Facility
Route 4 Box 600
Pikeville, TN 37367
CommentsI'm a Grass-Roots activist commissioned to seek knowledge of Native Americans' struggles. While I'm forming a base of contacts for like minded brothers and sisters that will take a firm stand against the many grotesque laws and policies that current State and Federal Government now uphold.  Your letters show that someone cares.
InterestsNative American Spiritual Traditions. Prison Litigation.  Underwater research, mythical deities.  Wildlife preservation.  Hiking, camping, photography, reading, music, children, dogs, art, pen pal networks. Lasting friendships. Goals: To be free, have a family, work for myself, keep pen pals, help others in and out of prison find support and a base of contacts for living a better life by having someone to care.

Message from Jeffrey:

July 28, 2003
Dear Brothers, Sisters, all,

I'm troubled today by the lack of fellowship shown by the many different tribes of Natives here in Tennessee. We have recently overcome the bureacracy and passed the "Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs" or some like named agency through the legislative process here in Tennessee. Our new agency has no funding! We had to settle for what we thought we could get passed! Already the many different viewpoints are being voiced and many are not happy at the way this agency will operate. The office space is not even staffed and already the bickering has began! Let us come together to help all those less fortunate than we are! Let us put the differences behind us and work together to make life better for all Native peoples. I look forward to each and everyone of ou writing me and giving me your views on this major problem facing the Nations. We need solutions, ideas. Once again my thanks to all the regular friends that help me stay strong with all their love and support! [Wal-Eye extended his thanks to many people here but due to NAPN policy we will not list the names of living persons without their express written permission. You each know who you are.] Each and everyone a very dear and true light in my life! WElcome to the family! Your friend and brother, Jeffery. Wal-Eye 03.
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