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Lori Woods photo
Birth Date8/18/60
AddressValley State Prison for Women   D1-19-3L
P O Box 92
Chowchilla, CA 93610-0092
Nation/TribeChoctaw - Oklahoma
CommentsI worked for the University of California,  Davis,  for over 10 years.  I worked in a laboratory and love science.  I am also a licensed Animal Health Technician.  I am a first time offender who would love to have a loyal,  honest,  and sincere friend to correspond with.  I have an A. S.  and B. A.  degree.
InterestsI love to read,  read Popular Science and Psychology Today magazines.  I also love romance novels,  especially historical ones in exotic places.  I love animals and the outdoors.  I especially love horses,  cats,  and dogs.  I also love the sound of waterfalls and rivers.  Nature is my escape and haven in this world.
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