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Birth Date9/25/67
AddressMark W. Michael Unit
P O Box 4500 3-A-31
Tennessee Colony, TX 75886
CommentsI am an extroverted African American with ancestral ties to the seminole tribe and the Sioux Nation (Lakota).  I'm 35,  ex-military,  well traveled and kinda alone in the world.  Would like contact with anyone who likes to write.  Age,  race,  nationality unimportant,  but sincerity,  honesty,  and realness are.  Currently incarcerated for 3 yaers,  9 to go.  All questions answered.  Remember,  the only dumb question is one that's not asked.  Look forward to hearing from you.  [NOTE: NAPN requires site visitors to be 18 years of age or older.]
InterestsAstrology,  natural phenomenon,  jazz,  history,  foreign languages and customs;  Egyptology,  Empirical China;  Major and Minor Crowned Heads of Europe,  past and present;  Secret Societies,  conspiracy [theor(ies)],  military fiction and espionage novels;  world armies and navies;  poetry and above all,  just plain ol' people.
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