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  Raymond Willie photo
Birth Date
AddressUSP Victorville
P O Box 5500
Adelanto, CA 92301
CommentsTo: A Beautiful Native,

Hello there, I hope this letter finds you well and in the best of spirits? I'm trying to find a friend who I can pass a little time with. I'm from the Navajo/Dine nation and am from New Mexico. I"m open to meet anybody out there willing ya know? If you enjoy beautiful artwork then maybe I could be the one to send you something? I'm hoping we could be pals, even if it is for the moment. My stay here is manageable, but would be more coming from you. I'm gonna make this one short for now, but I will get back at you with more after I hear from you. Til then, may the Great Spirit protect and guide you. Stay strong and proud. Lil Ray.
Release Date

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