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Birth Date01/06/73
AddressASP Florence West 3-B-48
P O Box 9200
Florence, AZ 85232-9200
CommentsHello, my name is Alvin Whitesheep. I'm 30 years old, slim, 177 lbs, light complected, black hair, full blooded Navajo Native American. Girl please don't be discouraged by situation from where I'm writing you for all I'm here is for drinking and driving violation and just getting help with my mistakes that got me here. I've been sent to prison for 18 months. Anyways, all I'm asking is a chance with someone out there that's 5'5 age 31 on down, race white or Native American, don't worry girl, looks don't matter. Girl I feel a lot of tension in my years at home or every where I went because of drinking. I guess what I really wanted in life was just to find someone to understand where I'm at. I never thought of myself that I was going to wrong way of life. What I'm trying to say is only if someone would accept for who I am and realize that I'm willing to change my life around so I would better myself and not be the same like I was before and never end up in this kind of place no more. But I have desire to change and wanted to find a way to make it manageable by finding me someone special through my correspondence letter and start a relationship with someone that can be there for me and be my guidance. Me I'm single, no kids yet.
InterestsI like fishing, exercising, working on cars, camping, music - don't matter. Girl, if interested please write back. Until then you take care. If you can, send pix.
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