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Kyle Whiteeagle photo
Birth Date7/12/81
AddressASPC Winslow - Kaibab
2100 South Highway 87
Winslow, AZ 86047
Nation/TribeMississippi Band of Choctaw and Punca-Winnebago
CommentsHI! I'm a Cancer and love to party! I'm into clubbin' or even hitting up the rave scene. "Love and Basketball" and "Topgun" are my favorite movies. I'm also a college student, seeking to major in engineering/architectural.

The music I like to listen to includes rap, rave/dance music, heavy metal, salsa/kumbias/mcrengrae. I see myself as honest, fun, spontaneous, & athletic, and a nice sense of humor= with touch of romanticism. I'm the kind of person who'll party in the most nicest neighborhood and/or the rez; kingcobra or heineken, I'm down to party. My post release plans are getting involved with some fire science education/training, jumping back into college and to travel the world. Also planning on returning to Virginia or try out Florida.
InterestsBasketball, golf, partying, dancing, traveling, networking (meeting new people), attending pow wows, watching movies and getting ice cream; working out and marinating w/ friends and lovely ladies (females).
Release DateSometime in beginning of 2005

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