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Birth Date7/28/74
AddressCalipatria State Prison A5-139
P.O. Box 5001
Caliptria , CA 92233
Nation/TribeThe Great Chickasaw Nation
CommentsIt would be good to find genuine people outside of the iron houses to communicate with,  share with,  and learn from,  and it would be a blessing to find people willing to buy my artwork so that I'd be able to get some legal help in my struggle to prove my innocence and rightfully win back my freedom ...
InterestsMy interests are Native Culture, History and our Spiritual ways.  I also like to draw,  paint,  write,  read,  drum,  sing,  and exercise.  Native music and other forms of music are also interests of mine,  along with the knowledge of native herbs,  medicines,  and remedies,  and I admire plus am attracted to strong spirited and intelligent women of substance.
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