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Birth Date6/24/58
AddressUSP Leavenworth
P O Box 1000
Leavenworth, KS 66048
Nation/TribeMuskogee Creek/Choctaw
CommentsI am from Oklahoma City,  Oklahoma.  I have about 10 years remaining on this sentence.  I have long black hair,  stand about 5'  9" tall,  weigh in at 175 lbs.  I keep physically fit as I enjoy playing softball when the season is open.  I have attended college before I became incarcerated.  Studied Political Science as my maojor,  Physical Education - Baseball,  as my minor.  I used to participate in pow wows in Oklahoma,  and participated in the cultural dance of the Muskogee,  the Stomp Dance of my tribal grounds.  Would like to correspond with ladies who have humor and like to share stories of pow wows,  city life,  and everyday happenings.
InterestsI am seeking to correspond with ladies who are 25 years and older with stability in their life as I would like to develop long term correspondences.  I think,  humor,  along with truth and honesty go a long way in developing a foundation for a long lasting relationship,  do you?  If so,  then please contact me at the above address.  All letters will be responded to without delay.  Am open minded to all views of life that we encounter.  Would be interested in yours and maybe a common ground can be found.  I would also like to see the outside world through your eyes,  so please share with me what you see!

I enjoy reading most literature of Native history,  political sciences,  and novels of fiction and non-fiction works.  I also do beadwork when I am not reading and writing.  I do loom work,  medallion,  peyote,  gourd stitches,  earrings,  hair barrettes,  and various other works.

If any or all of the above appeals to you then we should hook up and see what develops.
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