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John Turnage photo
Birth Date5/1/58
AddressW. Boyd Unit
Rt 2 Box 500
Teaque, TX 75860-9802
CommentsI am 44 years old,   5'  8  1/2"  tall and weigh in at 214 lbs., and have dark brown hair and nice eyes to match.  I am a Native American of the Ocheti Shakowin, Lakota/Apache blood. I would like to hear from anyone and everyone who could help me remain on my path while in this place.  I am seeking those that would help make this journey a good one.  I remember little about the teachings,  but would like to learn more.  I am not all that fluent in my tongue,  but would love to learn to read and write as my ancestors.

So that you may know a little more about me ...  I was raised on and off the reservation of my aunts and father and grandfather,  and during the school months I was at my mother's off the reservation.  I guess you could say I was keeping up with the old ways and being a nomad,  moving from place to place every six to eight months.  I try not to deal in the negative side of life,  always trying to be positive and give a positive side of things,  and life.  It is hard in this place where there is NOTHING but negative people,  but Creator has shown me how to deal with it.

I am into all music and even play the trumpet and sing in the V.V.I.  band.  But I am drawn to the classic oldies and big band when I can tune them in.  I miss being able to tune in a Native American station like I could in Arizona where I lived before coming out here.

I have taken a few trades to go with my profession of being a wrecker operator.  I like helping people that is why I chose this business.

I will answer any and all letters that may come my way.  I am a very open person.  Let's be kolas,  that's Friends!
InterestsI love Mother Earth and all that she provides.  I really love camping under Creator's night skies and having the Star People looking upon me and watching me.  I do hand craft in the ways of my people when I can and look forward to my return to the free world.  I will be bringing many things with me on this return to my people.  I have also gotten a G.E.D. while in this place behind the razor wire,  and once returned to the free,  I will give back to Creator and Mother Earth.  Will you walk with me?

I also like to read although most of my reading is about Native Americans of all Tribes and Teachings,  because there are a lot of different men that come through here learning who they are as Native Americans.  I am glad to tell them what I have learned and encourage them to seek out their own people once they are released from this place.  Just as I did when I went to Elementary Schools and gave Native American talks during History for study of the American Indian.

Lecel epawacin yelo!
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