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Birth Date
AddressArizona State Prison - Phoenix - Alhambra F-20
P O Box 52109
Phoenix, AZ 85072
Nation/TribeDine/Navajo Nation
CommentsHello,  my name is Verlin Tsosie (Sosie) the "T" is silent.  I'm handsome,  30 years old,  5'  8"  tall,  165 lbs.,  with long black hair and light complexion.  I'm looking to find an attractive female,  no specific age [**] just to get to know a nice,  friendly  warm and creative female that would hopefully have a lot to say and maybe share ideas and interests.  [NOTE: NAPN requires site visitors to be 18 years of age or older.]
InterestsMy interests are music and art.  I pass my time drawing native art (pencil),  some still life and portraits.  I have a real passion for art.  I'm creative,  open to ideas,  always thinking of how to try new things with my art.  Learning new things as I go along,  actually stumble across new techniques by accident. Music,  I like alternative to blues,  instrumental,  classical guitar,  and ballads.  I find music and art relaxing and rewarding.

I guess I"m looking for someone that is artistic with a great imagination and appreciates the little things in life.  I figured what a great way to meet someone by writing and getting to know them first,  rather than looks,  appearance,  and first impressions.  This is different and exciting.

My goal is to find a long term correspondence in building a friendship with someone (female) to share my experiences,  feelings,  thoughts,  interests,  and ideas.  And to keep my spirits up as well.  Open minded to things to follow ...
Release Date02/06

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