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Birth Date8/7/66
AddressSATF - SP - Facility D-2-112
P O Box 5242
Corcoran, CA 93212-5242
Nation/TribeNavajo - New Mexico Bear Tribe
CommentsI am 5' 11", 200 lbs, black hair and brown eyes. I am 36 years old but often mistaken for a 29 year old. I must be blessed by great grandfather because of my youthfulness. Really loving and charming, so I'm bored and in need of a nice, loving, pen pal. Being here in prison is a drag. I get out of prison in 2005 and plan to go back home, reacquaint myself with my family and friends. I have been away close to 6 years. So you all be good out there, and may grandfather bless your kind hearts and souls.
InterestsI like all kinds of music, travel, meeting new people, and making new friends where ever I go. I do a lil artwork (NA Indian), beadwork, can ride horses, and fish a lot.
Release Date2005

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