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Birth Date2/20/65
AddressM C C SOU C 107
P O Box 514
Monroe, WA 98272-0514
Nation/TribeTlingit  (Alaskan Native - Thunderbird Clan)  / Tagalog  (Philipino)  / Bantu - Zulu / Choctaw / Sioux
CommentsI am about 5' 2",  165 lbs,  solid build,  medium brown skin,  brown eyes, black-wavy-curly hair.  Race: Black, Philipino, Spanish and Native American, with a touch of French and Siberian.

I am at the closing of my 360 degree turn around back to my beginning of discovery of my roots, heritage and culture.  I am mixed, but not confused.  Please accept my friendship, peace, and blessings.

Short statement: Searching for sincere, honest, passionately sensitive friendship and possibly long-term relationship.  Race unimportant,  but person must be intelligent,  have strong sex appeal,  yet full of devotion,  self-respect,  and love always on your mind.  Photos (4" x  6") must have my last name and DOC number on the back.  If polaroid,  back must be removed.  Cordially, Carl.

"Ya ha hooay, Ya ha hooay, Ya ha hooay, Ya hay hooay."  Look inside with open eyes.  HAIDA style.
InterestsHumanities,  psychology,  the Seven Liberal Arts,  The High Renaissance, Fine arts,  Corpus Juris Secundum  i.e.  (The Body of Law),  Theology, and Cooking.  Lots of outdoor activities,  nature,  all music and dance.

Career goals: Legal Research Technician,  Specialist in Criminial,  Civil,  Administrative,  Constitution,  and Tort Laws.  I currently research the above to make positive changes in the conditions of confinement and the criminal justice system,  especially regarding Religious Freedom and Parenting.
Release Date

True "Native Pride" has nothing to do with any gangster activity anywhere. "Screaming Eagle"

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