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Birth Date01/18/74
AddressEly State Prison
P O Box 1989
Ely, NV 89301
Nation/TribeGoshute (Ibapah Utah)
CommentsBeen down since 1992; non-gang affiliated. Not looking for commitment. Not here to play games.
InterestsFeb 22nd I completed a 2 year paralegal course and I'm currently interested in corporate law and secured transactions. In my research of corporate law and related legal torics I've discovered something of interest to all Natives. At this point, I'm only aware of implications ... when the books requested from the law library, I was informed of this absence of the particular books necessary for my research (ie C.J.S. "Corporations" and "Secured Transactions.") The Corpus Juris Secundum is a legal encyclopedia which gives a broad, overview of various legal topics. I was seeking a better view of "corporations" cause of the rights and duties given to such entities.

Natives, enrolled and living on federal reservations have federal (not state) rights; which are protected by the U.S. Constitution. Unless your arrest by state agents is valid for violations of felony crimes ... states are not empowered to violate the rights of US citizens. But various states have managed to abridge our constitutional rights. We are not STATE CITIZENS ... ie not subject to STATE JURISDICTION.

Currently I'm interested in correspondence with anyone who can asist my research on these subjects
(1) U.S. Citizenship versus State Citizenship
(2) Secured Interests and Status
(3) Rights and Duties of Corporations
(4) Secured Transactions

As things stand, it requires more than your assertion of US Citizenship. You must get yourself secured to present the court justice with PRIMA FACIA EVIDENCE of FEDERALLY PROTECTED INTERESTS. I know the office to do this. I know the process, but I want input from otehrs.

This topic is abit CLANDESTINE and I'm not sure about applicability in my case. But, my theory is that upon showing of PRIMA FACIA INTEREST, I could ovecome the Nevada statute which BARS my appeal process. The books indicate a necessity for extra ordinary circumstances and/or VESTED INTEREST. A vested interest is a legal term most people can't grasp and the average citizen cannot make a valid claim thereof. But, through my research, I believe I can provide Natives with the power to protect themselves against state infringement of their rights. Actually I could help all citizens with a means ... through comprehensive explinations of the securing process.

If someone is interested in some regular correspondnece, about any othe temporal subject, I'm open minded about that too. The more ridiculous, the better because the days are long around here. I'll answer all correspondence. Friedbread queens welcome!
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