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Birth Date06/19
AddressMontana State Prison
700 Conley Lake Road
Deer Lodge, MT 59722-8711
CommentsI am 6' 2", 350 lbs, brown hair and eyes, stocky build. I am very active in the communities in Montana despite being incarcerated; am involved with several non-profit organizations, as a board of director; organizations include Addictive Diseases Study Program Inc (ADSP), Montana Dads Incarcerated Inc (MDI), and North West Peoples Council (NWPC).

I don't like to play mind games and don't appreciate them being played on me. I enjoy good conversation and learning new things. I am a workaholic, as I work 10 hour days for 12 cents an hour, 5 days a week for the Specialized Treatment Unit of the Montana State Prison. I also work a second job as the clerk for the Inmate Welfare Fund (IWF) Council of the Montana State Prison. I work for the IWF 7 days a week. I study the Native American history of the United States as time permits. I currently am researching my genealogical history and compiling a family tree. I try to stay as positive as I can despite realizing that I will never leave the confines of the Montana State Prison a free person. I continue to try to contribute positive energy towards making the prison here a better place for the current and future residents.

I have no family that will acknowledge my existence. I have a friend who lives in MT that I call every night and talk to for 30 mins. Her son is currently incarcerated in Montana State Prison. I prevented him from being victimized by a rapist. He is like a little brother to me. I advocate for prisoners rights and judicial reform.

I am a compassionate man when it comes to trying to help others. I of course committed a crime and I truly regret the action I commited. Most people say, sure he regrets it alright, he regrets getting caught. That is not true for me, I regret taking anotehr life. I will never be able to atone for that fully but I am going to die trying to make things right. For a second in time I committed a sin and for eternity I will feel the consequences of my actions emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

I make $1.25 a day and have decided that I want to spend it on meeting new people and hopefully making new acquaintances and quite possible new friends.
InterestsI love to work with computers, like to build Access programs, build web pages using Front Page; enjoy writing stories, poems, and write grants for the non-profit organizations I am involved in.

I would like to receive post cards from all over the world so that I can see the beauty the earth offers. Post cards are a way out of my confinement for a brief period of time. I am able to live through others' eyes.
Release DateLife w/o possiblity of parole

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