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Birth Date04/15/80
AddressMaine State Prison
807 Cushing Road
Warren, ME 04864-4600
CommentsBlack hair, brown eyes, brown complexion; 6' tall, 230 lbs, muscular build. Tribal tattoos.
InterestsI am interested in corresponding with both Native men and women. I would also like to build a more personal friendship/relationship with a Native woman.

I am in prison for protesting a police officer's conduct on my reservation. A non-native policeman in which I was accused of wrongfully firebombing his vehicle. I have been incarcerated for 6 years and have a little over 5 years left. Since being in prison I have helped form a strong circle of spirituality and have worked on legal issues so that incarcerated "Natives" can practice their spirituality in ceremony. As of now we are still fighting legal battles. When I am not in ceremony, or meeting with our other Native brothers, I body build and exercise, as well as help train others prisoners in health and nutrition. I enjoy a wide variety in music and like to write poetry and music. I've also been learning to play other musical instruments. I share strong views of the government and politics and seek for the benefit of all "Native Americans." I am single and have no children. I come from a large family both USA and Canada. Well, I look forward to hearing from all, Thank you, in spirit.
Release Date5/5/11

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