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Birth Date4/16/59
AddressMacomb Correctional Facility
34625 26 Mile Road
New Haven, MI 48048-0999
CommentsI am 5' 11" tall,  weigh about 235 lbs,  with long brown hair,  down to the middle of my back,  and heavy tattoos on my arms.  I am a non smoker,  social drinker,  and have used poly drugs in the past,  but have no addictions or dependencies.  Presently I am serving a continuance given me by the parole board,  but am in the process of trying some legal action against this unfounded continuation.  As it stands right now my next release date is January 1,  2004.

I have very little family left in the state of Michigan and have no concrete plans for after my release. I have thought about relocating to the pacific northwest, especially to the Billings, Montana area.

I would like to hopefully find myself a life mate,  start a family,  and establish myself in the community I settle in.

I have been locked up in the Michigan prison system now since March 4,  1977,  and have waited for my freedom a long time.  I am skilled in several things and am a very creative individual.

Prior to coming to prison,  my father owned numerous rental houses and properties,  and as a young man I learned to maintain,  repair,  and remodel them.  In prison I have done extensive work as a maintenance worker and repairman,  including electrical work,  carpentry,  drywall,  cabinet making,  and painting.  Have also worked in the prison factory as a weaver,  mechanic,  and at the prison shoe factory as a specialist,  doing every job related in the production of stitched on and glued on sole shoes.  I have also became a certified Industrial sewing and stitching machine mechanic.

But, with all these skills,  I lack free world experience for the job market,  but I do qualify for federal bonding and also for targeted tax credits upon my release and being hired by an employer.

If I could do what I would like to after getting out of prison,  I would like to find a piece of land where I could build a nice lob cabin type house with out buildings and greenhouses,  and would start a wild game ranching business with deer,  elk,  bison,  and have ponds for different types of fish.  I would use wind and water turbines to supply the electrical power,  and grow all my own vegetables,  fruits,  and herbs in the greenhouses.  I am really into reverting back to becoming self sufficient.  As far as trying to live off my own land, I would can,  freeze,  and smoke my meats and fish,  and put up my produce  -   it is healthier.
InterestsI am an avid hobby crafter,  doing hand carved leather work,  Native American style bead work,  and a little skin illustration work (tatooing).

I am also a musician and have played the drums since a young teenager.  I have also played percussion in school,  and in prison have started playing bass and six string guitar.

I enjoy bottleneck slide guitar and have recently ordered some books to start learning this form of blues.  I enjoy country,  southern rock,  class rock and roll,  and blues music,  but am open to listening to most anything in music except "RAP" since I personally do not see any musical value or talent in this form.
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