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Spirit Keeper photo 02/19/05XXXXX
Birth Date10/9/61
13800 McMullen Hwy
Cumberland, MD 21502
Nation/TribeOglala Sioux
CommentsBeing of mixed blood, I was raised white in a predominately black area of the inner city. My entire adult life has been spent in prison and I am soon to be released. I am 5' 11" tall, 200 lbs, and a physical type man. I have had very few true friends in my life and have never been involved in a romantic relationship. I am in search of these things in my life, which is why I am placing an ad on the Network. I am rooted and strong in my beliefs and convictions. Should you get to nkow me, you will find that I am good hearted, honest, loyal, protective of those I care about, generous, loving and there is no doubt I probably have a few negative characteristics. I have basically been alone all my life and deeply wish to have someone in my life to share myself with. There are many thoughts, ideas, and feelings I would like to express here, but don't have the space. If you are interested in finding out what I have to offer, just drop me a letter. I will answer all. Walk in Beauty.
InterestsReading, beading, running, hiking, boxing, craftwork, wildlife, nature, drawing, tattooing, motorcycles, shamanism, herbology, and much more.
Release DatePossibly Dec 2009

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