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Birth Date5/12/68
AddressMike Durfee State Prison
1412 Wood Street
Springfield, SD 57062
Nation/TribeYankton Sioux tribe by way of parental marriage
CommentsI would first like to thank the chaplain of the Native American Spiritual Group of FCI Waseca, MN and NAPN, of which I did send my regards to for connecting me with the NAPN pen pal network. I do wish to acquire a stronger bond with the culture as I do associate daily with a large number of the native family, have been to many sweats and have participated in a group of wacipi (pow wows) in Springfield.
InterestsAside from all of the past racist reality that I have only heard of, as well as, the present racist reality, of which I have lived within, my hugest interest in life has always been toward a strong unity and mutual understanding of each other. I do have a sincere love for the joining of myself with the ladies of my "now family" enthrallment. I have always had a strong friendship with both the male and female genders within the "Family". I also do have a strong love for the ladies "character and skin" as well as the strong cultural beliefs. I do stand proud at 6 foot tall and I do have a tight hard fat free body that I do keep in a strong maintenance condition. I have always been a hard worker even while I am comfortably stable with my financial standing. I have brown eyes, quite a handful of scholastic background; with all humility put forward, I have always shown my lady all of the comfort and love she could ever search for. Again, with all humility, I have always made my woman feel the proudest to be in my arms, in the public eye. I will give you never ending love that you will never want to let go. At present I have no significant other and no children. I am free to fly, with me you would never wonder why.
Release Date3/10/07

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