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Birth Date7/29/77
AddressHutchinson Correctional Facility
P O Box 1568
Hutchinson, KS 67504-1568
Nation/TribeCherokee/Lakota (Sioux)
CommentsI am one of many Indians that are locked up here.  Granted I am not a full blood but I am a breed (half).  I have a lot of knowledge to learn and I want as many people to write as possible so can learn.
InterestsI am looking for anyone to write.  I am not a picky person.  I am a lonely Indian that just wants someone to write to.  I am hoping to find a couple of women between 25-40 that will write and maybe try for friendship,  possibly more.  But over time.  I can get out anytime between the next year to 9 years from now.  I am still in the courts.

I do beadwork (loom, brick and peyote stitches) and I'm trying to learn gourd stitch.  I love learning about my ancestors so any type of knowledge about that is good.  I do a lot of different crafts,  including dream catchers,  necklaces,  and beadwork (seed beads).  On the seed beads,  the patterns are actual.  I can use seed beads from size 11 to 20 but can only order 11 and 15 right now.

I would like anyone to write me to help me do something else with my time.  SO PLEASE WRITE!   I'm 5'  9"  tall,  long dark brown hair,  hazel eyes,  medium build,  light to medium complexion.
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