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Danny (Hawk) Smith photo
Birth Date7/19/44
AddressWynne Unit TDCJ-JD
Huntsville, TX 77349
Nation/TribePiegan/Mixed Blood
CommentsI am 6' 3",  weigh 234 lbs.  I recognize no white blood in my veins.  I love to read - all on Native American's ancient culture,  religious practices,  dress,  locations, etc.  Enjoy westerns,  stories of early western,  mountain men,  Indian movements, and much more.  Do not believe in white man's medicine and when free use natural medicines and herbs as taught to me by my Grandmother. I am 57 and may never be released.
InterestsGardens,  herbs,  birds,  hawks,  horses,  mountains,  ocean,  peace and quiet.  Natural medicine,  books,  new,  traditional native life style,  civil and criminal law.  Rights of Native Americans and movements for rights of prisoners and NA's.  Reform of judicial system,  truth and honor instead of deceit and lies.  Honesty,  kindness,  share with others.  Freedom,  open spaces,  animals -- natural life style -- Nature -- Photos,  friends,  sharing - career.  Travel -- Peace ..... Restoration of all N.A.'s to roll of N.A.'s in US.  (The gist refuses to admit many mix bloods)
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