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Clarence Smith photo
Birth Date3/9/74
AddressUSP Atwater
P O Box 019001
Atwater, CA 95301
Nation/TribeBlackfeet Nation / Browning, Montana
Comments feel life is full of different stages a person must go through.  Some times,  or stages,  are harder to get through than others.  But we all need a friend to help us or give us that little push when we need it.  But to have a good friend like that,  I must be a good friend.

I will be released soon,  possibly around Christmas time,  to the Denver,  CO area,  but unsure as of yet on my final destination ... where ever life takes me.
InterestsA good conversation;  swimming,  outdoors,  working-out,  riding bikes,  reading books,  beadwork.  Listening to music,  pow-wows,  learning new things that will help me.  And of course,  meeting new people,  to make friends.
Release Date

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