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Birth Date
AddressASPC Yuma - Dakota Unit
P O Box 13007
Yuma, AZ 85366
Nation/TribeChippewa, Wisconsin
CommentsI am 27 years old, have a bald head and I am just simply bored in here. I moved from the rez back home when I was a young buck. I came to AZ when I was 11 years old and been going back and forth to WI ever since. I got a 4 year sentence and have a year left so I am really happy. I have people that write me but I am looking for someone who is Native like me.

I am 5' 8" tall, 203 lbs. I got sent to prison for selling drugs but it was dropped down to possession. I get out on parole so will be a little tied down when get out. But will be so beautiful because my parole will only be only a couple months then I'll be albe to handle life in a real way when I get out. I guess I want to meet a native girl more than anything.
Release Date8/05

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