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Birth Date11/23/79
AddressASPC Eyman SMU II
P O Box 3400
Florence, AZ 85232
Nation/TribeMexican/Yaqui (Sonora, Mexico)
CommentsI'm in SMU 2, one of America's harshest prisons. Every day is a never-ending struggle to stay strong and to hold onto my sanity and spirituality. So, I take life one day at a time. I'm joining this good, respectable NAPN pen pal site in an attempt to meet new friends and gain support. I'll be honest in that I have no family or friends outside prison. And because I've been locked in this solitary confinement iron house, no jobs are available to me. Although I'm a strong, proud man, I'm also humble and I'm not ashamed or embarrassed to admit when I need help. After my release from prison, I will be unleashed into the streets with no rehabilitation, no job skills, no home, and no money. It will be another struggle for me, but I will confront it with my dignity and ambition. The end of my time in prison will soon be upon me. In attempt to raise money for my journey after prison, I'm willing to send you a gift of my artwork in exchange for a freindly donation/contribution; a gift exchange, so to speak. This is my dilemma and I hope to hear from you very soon. I will reply to all letters. Thank you for your tiem.
InterestsMy favorite kinds of books are any kind of educational self help books; favorite music is oldies, jazz, Slow James - a lil of everything. My hobbies are drawing, love to read, work out to stay in shape. My goal after prison is to open up a car shop, get into real estate. Fixer upper homes to rent out. My main goal is to be an investor in real estate.
Release Date09/27/05

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