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  Jimmy Simpson photo
NumberP 60387
Birth Date02/22/80
AddressCorcoran State Prison
P O Box 3466 3B011 Cell 122
Corcoran, CA 93212
CommentsI'm serving a 17 yr sentence with 5 more years left. I grew up in a hard life and was raised in the ghetto of Los Angeles, Watts, home of the 1965 Watts riots. It was real hard of me growing up. My dad was full Indian and my mother was black and Indian. I was abandon as a child. I hd nowhere to stay. I was raised with my grandmother who has now rest n peace. I was always living a hard life, in the ghetto which lead me to surviving and did what ever it took to feed myself, and put clothes on my back. I started (selling drugs) and I was in a gang, but now gangbangin has not gotten me anywhere but prison time and now where is my gangbangin homies "out of sight out of mind"
InterestsRight now first and foremost I would like to highly apologize for hte convenience of my letter and ad. The reason for my ad, is here hope and lonliness. I am a million miles away from home, and I have no support, from friends or family. I was wondering as a last result could someone please write me. I'm just looking for penmanship and in hopes we could become real friends. I seek no unlawful desire, just penmanship. Life has come to a complete halt, and I do seek some form of rehabilitation from some good hearted people.

I enjoy reading books about life, reading rap magazines; I also rap, and write poems. My goals are being a rap artist, song writer, and owning my own record label. I have no kids but I love them a lot. Life is full of chances so why not take a chance on me? Pleae write back.
Release Date1/9/09

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