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Birth Date4/7/50
AddressAlfred Hughes
Rt 2 Box 4400
Gatesville, TX 76597
CommentsI'm an appointed Elder in our Native American Circle, "4 Winds on the Red Road."  I help support our Circle and myself by doing leatherwork.  I've been in the ironhouse for (12) years, will be released in 2008.  I'm single, without family outside, and would like new friends.

Upon release I will be off of parole and can travel where I want.  I plan to go to Mexico and find natives in need and teach them leatherwork.  We'll make craft goods during winter months, then I plan to travel the pow wow circuit during summer, selling these crafts, then returning to Mexico with goods needed there as long as Great Mystery will give me this health to work and travel.

Right now I work at helping my brothers here to stay out of trouble and on the good red road.
InterestsI do custom ordered leather goods, been working with leather for (22) years.  I sell purses, brief cases,belts, wallets (men's & women's) mostly, but can make almost anything out of leather you can imagine. I do not make any traditional regalia for sale.  Transactions can be handled through native sister on outside.
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