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Arnold Saunsoci photo
Birth Date12/1/80
AddressP O Box 2500
Lincoln, NE 68524-2500
CommentsI am half Omaha and half Oglala Native. I am was born in Lincoln, NE, am twenty three years old, and come from an orthodox family that believes and practices native religion.

How I carry myself here in this place, I am mostly introverted because I just don't think this is the kind of society I can accept. I spend most of my time studying text books from the type of carrer I am interested in. I am single, I guess being in prison you would be single. I have been single for six years and I know that is a long time to be single, but everyone knows that when you get somebody it's like you become a magnet for the opposite sex, and when you don't have nobody, no one's attracted to you because you don't have a spouse. As for that I never been married and never had kids.

However, I am elgible for parole Oct 21, 04. When that's granted I will go to college in New York for business because that's the field I'm most interested in. I am an independent person when it comes to surviving in the real world, my model for that is if I ain't dead I'm at work. I see it that way because as a child and first born of five, I am the eldest and we was destitute. I got three sisters and my youngest sibling is my brother. My mom couldn't always take care of all of us by herself so I did some fast growing and from that I gained a prognostical sense of intuition. If anyone chooses to be a pen pal with me, I am a very open minded individual to discuss or discourse about anything so please feel free.
InterestsFor music I like a few different types, am a wordly listener of music but I have to say my favorite artist is SADE. I like all her stuff. When it comes to books, I like mystery and adventure. For authors I mostly like Mario Puzo and Ed McLain.
Release DateOct 21, 04

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