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Jason Santibanez photo
NumberJ 53181
Birth Date2/10/76
AddressCalifornia's Men Colony East (3116X)
P O Box 8103
San Luis Obispo, CA 93409-8103
CommentsI am interested in finding some good honest and open relationships. I really enjoy learning from people of different cultures and nations. I welcome any Elders, men or women who would like to ride. I have been incarcerated for (11) years now and I have a life sentence so I am looking for real considerate people to share friendships with. I am a Native American hoop dancer and have been dancing for about 14 years now. One thing I offer other Indians in ehre is dancing. Luckily at this institution my mother is able to bring my hoops twice a year so that I can share the actual Hoop Dance as well as teach brothers other dances for our pow wows such as the Crow Hop, Two Step, and I am still looking for brothers to step up and want to learn Fancy and Grass Dancing (although I am not a Grass Dancer, just Fancy). So anybody intereseted in writing is welcome to get an honest response from me.
InterestsBeading (I am willing to trade, offer, or sell for anyone interested), I am currently working on my vocation using Microsoft NT, creating basic spreadsheets and databases, Powerpoint presentations using MS Word, Excel and Access. I am interested in learning more about the Hoop Dance and learning from other Yaquis regarding heritage. I enjoy reading, typing, and writing about life experiences. I am really interested in other cultures and their outlooks on life (including Christians).
Release DateEarliest 2014

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