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Tony Sanchez photo
Birth DateMarch 31
AddressA.S.P.C. Douglas  - Mojave North  8 D 18
P O Box 5002
Douglas, AZ  85608
CommentsI am 43 years old,  5' 11",  175 lbs,  black hair and brown eyes.  I was born on the Sacaton,  Arizona reservation and grew up in Casa Grande,  Arizona,  14 miles south of Sacaton.  I am the second of nine children - I have 7 brothers and 1 sister. My father is Hispanic and an only child.  My mother is Lakota and I never met her family.

I have 2 daughters - 8 and 5 years old.
InterestsI like to do beadwork and play sports.  I play card and board games,  work as a welder and sometimes as a printer.  I like movies that are based on true stories and wars,  also some that involve relationships.  I enjoy discussing various topics such as family and relationships.  Trust and strong virtures are my best and strongest points.  Encouragement and instillment are my best teachers.
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