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John Running Horse photo
Birth Date3/14/67
AddressFederal Correctional Institution
P O Box 5000 - Unit H3B
Greenville, IL 62246
Nation/TribeSicangu Nation - Rosebud Lakota
CommentsI am a divorced Native American,  father of 6 (4 boys and 2 girls) with 3 living at home.  I am 36 winters young. I stand proudly at 5'  8"  tall,  weigh about 185 lbs,  have brown hair and brown eyes (the hair is soft like a kitten and the eyes are doe or wolf like).  My religion is Episcoplian and the sweatlodge (since being incarcerated).

I'm romantic (old fashioned),  debonair,  daring,  dashingly handsome.  I read,  write (some),  speak,  understand Lakota.  I'm loving,  understanding,  a good listener,  non-judgemental,  but above all,  dangerously lonely.

I'm searching for my friend,  lover,  soulmate, princess...  I am a former Emergency Medical Technician with a background in the medical field.  I was also a Community Health representative (health aid).  While being incarcerated I also became a Veterinary Care Specialist and plan on furthering my education to include Physical Therapist and Paralegal.

I've also taken computer class,  typing,  parenting,  and even learned how to sew using a sewing machine.  I plan on furthering my education while being incarcerated.  I'm multi-talented,  knowledgebable,  and skillful in many other areas.  But,  you'll have to write to learn more ...

My dreams are to continue with my business before I was incarcerated.  I was a band manager (local Native American talent).  I was also a rodeo announcer's assistant (providing PA equipment and playing music during rides/events).  Maybe I'll become the announcer.  I've also provided PA systems and equipment for pow wows,  basketball,  softball games,  parties,  karaoke,  and birthday parties.  I would like to maybe expand that business further by adding outside musicians or doing something new and unique.

My pastimes include reading,  writing,  walking,  exercising,  playing pool,  softball,  leathercraft,  learning to play guitar,  Indian flute,  astronomy, watching movies,  sunsets,  sunrises,  listening to all kinds of music (Indian, classic country,  60's - 70's - 80's,  classical,  country,  bluegrass,  hip hop,  old rock & roll);  collecting post cards and photos from around the world,  making new friends,  furthering my education,  and a whole lot of other things.  Too many to list here ... you'll have to write to learn more.

I'm seeking a lady who is loving,  caring,  honest,  non-judgemental,  understanding,  faithful,  fun-loving,  loves taking pictures,  stable;  loves kids,  animals,  sunsets,  sunrises;  loyal,  she should know how to grow and learn together and be willing to stand by me through this lonely,  dark time in my life and beyond.  She should be willing to relocate.  NO drug users!

Letters with photos will receive quicker reply,  but will try to answer all.

If you are a princess,  angel,  a duchess,  or biker babe,  or lady in red,  farmers daughter,  or girl next door,  foxy lady,  dream girl,  or fit in any other category not mentioned,  please respond post haste ...  I'm looking to broaden my horizons and find greener pastures ...

Upon release I would like to travel around and maybe give speaking engagements on my experiences while in prison,  in hopes of possibly preventing someone else from going through all the hardships,  despair,  heartaches,  and loneliness of being locked up.

Age 21 and up,  nationality unimportant.  But a good heart is.

Write soon ...  your desperado awaits your "talking leaf" and beautiful photo.
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