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Johnny Ruiz Jr photo
Birth Date03/19/77
AddressASPC Winslow - Kaibab Unit - Bed 4-B-224
2100 S. Highway 87
Winslow, AZ 86047
Nation/TribePascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona (Yaqui)
CommentsI am pleased to know that NAPN is out there for us Natives, to help us incarcerated have correspondence with the outside world.

This is a sincere introduction coming from the heart of a man highly interested in some companionship...

So how is it going my dear reader?
I am writing this brief intro in hopes to intrigue your curiousity...

First of all, I am a man that has been cut off from the free world and that has been deprived from the sensual companionship of a female. My main intentions with this introduction you are reading now consist of three simple, but very important matters. "One" is to gain your full and undivided attention, "Two" is to lay out a harmless correspondence type of proposition for your precious consideration, "Three" is nothing more than to give you something to happily part your lips about from the little bit of intrigue that I hope to have left you with.

I am seeking an elegant female that would be willing to grant me her open ears and free time. A female that is not afraid to express herself openly and sincerely, moreover, a female that will enjoy a friendly letter exchange. A female that will stimulate my curiousity, pleasantly massage my mind and cuddle my sensitivity. And of course the favor will be returned. And I hope this female is you.

I am not looking for a love affair, but if this friendly type of letter exchange should grow stronger and more expanded as time goes by I am not a man afraid of that sort of pleasant expansion. It's a smile for a smile right?

Let me now soothe your curiousity by telling you a little about the man that is me. Formally I am known as Johnny, but by friends I am called J for short. I"ve been in this world for twenty-six years now and I've experienced much and learned even more. Now to give you an idea of who exactly is behind these words that you read: As for physical appearance, I'm about 5' 10" to 5' 11" with a mid-slim build. I'm a Native (Yaqui) from Tucson, Arizona and my skin complexion is of a brownish down-tone. I got black hair and it is always kept short enough to comb back. And lastly my eyes are dark brown and it has been said that they could be hypnotizing if you look deep enough into them.

I am from Tucson, AZ, born and raised. I am a very understanding, open minded, and rooted man with a kind, but strong heart. I enjoy reading romance and mystery novels, cultural books and poetry. I also enjoy expressing my inner feelings on paper; a little creative writing mixed with a little poetry. I listen to different types of music, oldies, rap, and my most favorite, R & B (slow jams).

Well my dear reader that's me, now of course there are more aspects and features to speak on, but I'll leave that to our next encounter. I do hope to be blessed with your presence and I hope to be let into your everyday life, thoughts, and heart. And in the same way, I will strive to fulfill your desires, embrace your emotions, and to fill that void in your life. I do appreciate you taking time out of your busy life style to read this "petition for companionship," and I do hope you take this invitation into very serious thought. And regardless where you and I go from here, remember to smile always and for all who would go thankful to see it. Respectfully, Johnny Ruiz Jr.
InterestsI am looking for any female who would be willing to correspond with an incarcerated Native. I have many interests (which were stated in my opening letter) and many intriguing characteristics which makes me one of a kind.
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