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Donald Rourke photo
Birth Date06/25/79
AddressUSP Marion
P O BOx 1000
Marion, IL 62959
Nation/Tribe1/2 Comanche / 1/4 Kiowa-Apache
CommentsOpportunity presents success for those who take chances in life so take a chance and write if you want? Hope to hear from you soon.

Dear Reader, hello, my name is Donald A Rourke - Ghostwolf - but everybody calls me Ghost. I'm 26 in 3 months, born & raised in Ft Sill, OK (reserv). I'm half Comanche, 1/4 Kiowa-Apache, 1/4 Irish. 6'2" tall, 230 lbs, long - waist length black hair, brown eyes, but wear contact lenses, medium brn complexion. I have one daughter who is 10 years old and is my everything (world) and then some, for lack of better words!

Coming up next year, 9/28/06, I will be released after 7 years. I'm not sure of what I'll do profession wise, maybe go back to boxing? But mostly I plan on going back to the rez and volunteering my positive side to the community.

Well, if you're looking to correspond or share some knowledge, feel free to write. My ears are always open and willing to listen and share what I have to offer. Since this is a super max prison we are only allowed to take 3 photos every three months so unfortunately I don't have a photo to enclose but will as well as artwork ASAP. Hope to hear from you, who ever you are! All letter will be answered. Take Care. sincerely Donald Rourke, Ghostwolf
InterestsMy hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, beading, boxing, and spending time with my daughter, family, and friends.
Release Date9/28/06

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