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David Rose photo
Birth Date10/6/52
AddressP O Box 534
Jessup, MD 20794
CommentsI am  5'  9 1/2" tall,  a fit 184 lbs,  brown hair (with a touch of gray),  and blue eyes. I am heavily tattooed.  I am a lifer,  so at the current time I do not have a release date,  even though I am still trying to get some time back in court,  and may have a chance to be released some day.  I have been locked up for (21) years,  so most of my life has been inside. 

I have (3) grown children,  two who live near by this prison.  I've been married and divorced twice.  I am single,  and what I am looking for is to correspond with some emotionally mature women.  Any age,  race,  etc.  I am very open minded and liberal.  I have a college degree in Business,  that I got in prison.  I would just like to meet women of all ages for friendship and correspondence.  I am taken care of financially,  so am not seeking money.

I am honest,  loyal,  intelligent,  and very dedicated to my beliefs.  It was finding my Native American roots,  and beginning to walk the Red Road spiritual path that helped me to heal myself from the past.  I practice Lakota and Cherokee ways.
InterestsI am really into art [note: see David's artwork page],  music,  and writing,  and of course,  Native American culture.  I am a musician,  play drums,  guitar,  and bass,  as well as write my own music.  I like rock and roll,  blues,  heavy metal,  classical,  and other cultured types if it's good.

I am trying to form a classic hard rock band to perform and sing my original rock music.  Must be professional,  and read Tab. and standard notation.

I love to paint, draw,  build wood work projects,  scultp,  make plastic models of cars,  etc. 

I love to write and am currently working on a fictional novel.  I write poetry,  song lyrics,  sometimes a short story,  but most of my writings are long stories,  novel style.

I am also an Honorably Discharged U. S.  Navy Veteran,  and scuba diver. I love to swim and dive.

I raced go karts as a child and had hopes of being a race car driver,  but never got the chance to drive professionally.  I love riding and building motorcycles,  Harley-Davidsons,  and building Hot Rod custom classic American cars.
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