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Joseph Romo photo
NumberK 26169
Birth Date4/23/77
AddressCSP-LAC C3-109 Low
44750 60th St. West
Lancaster, CA 93536
Nation/TribeYoeme (Yaqui) / Purepechua (Tarascan)
CommentsIf you found interest in this web page here you'll find a sincere Native man and friend. Corresponding and building friendships with other Native sisters or spiritual peole would be a blessing. I've been in prison for 8 years now and since I was 18 but now I'm down to 18 months to go. Once out, my journey will continue but with a broader perspective on life. When ready, I look to the time when I'll be able to contribute to the people whatever talents I gain or have and put them to service where ever my heart and walk shall guide me. I've grown up in both Arizona and the Bay area in California. My spirit is at home in the desert. I constantly look back remembering the smells and sounds, as I revel in this poem I share.
InterestsI enjoy arts of all forms and fashion but drawn more to our Native arts. I enjoy writing short stories, poems, songs, and one day I hope to put together plays bsed on a variety of contemporary Indian situations and issues that bring and address individual life stories. I also draw and take joy in working with my hands beding, carving or just creating things with whatever I could get my hands on.

Whatever my future holds for me, it is most likely to be based at home in Arizona. I'm looking to eventually go to the University of Arizona in Tucson. My interest lay in photography, jurnalism, ethne anthropology, environmental studies, and art. I'm focused on my goals and getting there, like everything else in life, will be full of experiences.

I would definitely enjoy writing and corresponding with anyone of similiar interets. I've always kept my writings personal but there is nothing like being able to share with others and gaining some feedback and vice versa. I'm looking forward to receiving some responses and gaining some new friends. Chiokee Uttesia.
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