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Birth Date8/31/65
AddressASPC Douglas - Mohave Unit NOrth 5-A-03
P O Box 5002
Douglas, AZ 85608
Nation/TribeNavajo Nation 4/4
CommentsI was born and raised on the Navajo Nation, went to school while staying at dormitories. So, Navajo is my first language and English, my second. I was born into a famliy of 10, me being the youngest, 7 boys, 3 girls (oh 11 counting myself). I have been working in the Phoenix area as a surveyor, which I will continue to do upon my release and hoepfully will be getting into another Technical school as Electrician lineman.
InterestsInclude hanging out with my family, going camping and fishing, horseback riding, playing basketball, softball and running. I often read, western novels, Louis L'Amour being my favorite author.
Release Date6/15/04

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