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Frank Rivera photo
Birth Date6/8/77
AddressCalifornia Men's Colony East
P O Box 8101
San Luis Obispo, CA 93409-8101
Nation/TribeNavajo Nation / Taino
CommentsI was born in San Francisco,  CA.  I like to travel,  been back on east coast and up and down California and to Mexico and Canada.  I settled back in the Bay Area,  California when I was 19 years old.  I've been locked up since.  My earliest parole date is 2008. I accepted a 10 year term and in agreement I asked the judge to let me achieve my GED while in county jail and let my attorney help me establish my tribal enrollemnt with the Navajo Nation.  As I succeeded to get all my stuff finished after 4 years in county jail I was to proceed with prison time.  I also acknowledge my Taino blood lineage and have corresponded with their council as well,  back in New York.  I am a Universouleclectic etho Pro-Indigenous Native for All our Relations.  The Taino are of Boriquen Island (Puerto Rico).  I study all tribes on the Turtle Island (North,  South,  Central,  and Meso Americas).  I never went to real high school.  I seek to go to a college when I get out and right now I seek to get a college correspondence course,  maybe a paralegal or something I saw at a Cuyamaca College course offers "Influence of American Indians on the Federal Constitution" or "Political Philosophies of Early Americans on through Present Day." 

It is relevant to help improve my circumstances and help others while in here and when I get out for the People and All Our Relations.  I have worked in the past so I know what it is to have a job,  but due to my traveling I never worked full time or developed or been part of a business.  If I get a college degree in Legal/Assistant/Paralegal I can work for a community legal service office or legal aid office for State or Federal and it could be tribal or just a regular law firm.

I want to also help volunteer at centers,  particularly youth at risk,  activist organizations and other productive resource centers.  I was involved in building silk screen shirts and designing them.  Also it would be good for youth to have ideal and creativism for native owned businesses with inventive skills.  I plan on using my art skills and ideals like I was inspired at a young age but I can develope them into murals with political,  cultural,  and spiritual struggles.  Also I thought of paintings,  crafts,  and sculptures I will develope even while I'm in here or when I get out and pass my ideals on.  This is not just for financial gain,  but cultural recognition,  preservation,  awareness and way of life for the Native still being a part of the developing world.  I see so many non-natives making profit off of our style,  our culture, our way of life through selling native items,  books,  etc.  A lot of Native are losing interest in their own and adopting non-Native lifestyles in a culture crisis phenomenon which is the development misleading into alcohol,  also drugs,  and gangs,  recidivism (relapse into crime),  and lack of morals,  respect,  humbleness,  values,  and even committing suicide.  Even a lot of cross sea cultures are at risk of our capitalist country that corrupting the heart,  mind,  and spirit.

I have been to the AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) for Native Americans called White Bison.  I like it something productive.  I learn about the medicine wheel the Lakota style and my tribe,  I respect everyone's four directions and even the 7 directions.  I do take into consideration White Bison four colors that represent four races.  I have tried to base all our relations even though I have a sorrow in my heart.  I have basic beliefs about bringing awareness and preserving native peoples. I like being family oriented its the real responsibility to me of a true Warrior and I can only do so much to help my love one while in the ironhouse.  I cannot be a warrior in here,  this is my own opinion. 

I believe the richness of one's culture,  traditions,  morals,  respect, and their spirituality is a strong family foundation for the roots of who one is and one is to be even third world countries or other races.  I have to flush out a lot of bad habits out of my own system and blossom as a unique universal indigenous entity honorable to live in harmony so I can be in balance to walk in beauty. 

I always deep down inside had the spirituality inside,  but lived a thug life of crime.  Never was raised in the ways,  didn't meet my real Navajo mom til I was 15,  in 1992.  I was always drawn to spiritual aura of gifted people,  study other religions,  and have developed an eclectic philosophy some call New Age but is actually ancient.  I want to learn the ways of my Navajo Nation and our Native tongue.  I have started with a few dictionaries in Navajo and a few books of Navajo Creation Story and Our Story.

My mom and aunt are of the Near Water Clan.  I want to know more of what I am to do to get involved with them.  I would like to go to pow wows,  museums,  centers,  and to reservations when I get out and learn and help and just be.  I hope to go to Navajo College in Arizona or any Native college.  While I am here I will do what I can to prepare study and dedicate every moment.

I am an environmentalist and activist for political events or gatherings out there by myself,  no organization but I do like to participate and be involved,  even in here with an Indigenous Ideology.

I have dedicated to keeping my hair long and CDC wants me to cut it.  I accepted the discipline,  had no choice.  I get no good time,  no job,  no school,  or no vocational skills,  no family visits,  no phone calls,  and I have been retaliated for this filing of litigation and appeals.  I have been trying to fight the good fight,  "the Pencil is mightier than the Arrow" in some aspects.  I am a vegetarian for about 3 years.  I eat fish,  cheese and eggs,  although I got my spiritual beliefs about the sacred way to approach other nations before consumption and game and also health habits.
InterestsI like technology and computers,  especially video games.  Big focus is to reduce recidivism and establish prison moratorium projects with rehabilitation,  not incarceration,  but with education.  I try to do what I can from within.  I get some assistance from different support groups and organizations,  and do seek help or even just moral support,  spiritual connection, soul mate,  or criticism or advice.  I do invite any response. 

I don't claim to have the full blown truth in what I have spoken,  but do encourage a better life for any one and respect one's judgement or opinions.  Maybe I need to losen up and do need a female or someone who can tone me down,  or give me that which I don't have,  but to be honest,  this is what I am about.  I want to educate myself.  I like reading books (non-fiction,  mostly reference),  magazines (Native Peoples,  Southwest Art,  Archeology,  National Geographic,  Lowrider, Source,  Popular Mechanics,  Popular Science,  and Astronomy),  and newspapers (Prison Legal News,  Revolutionary Worker,  Indian Country).

I like lowriders,  new cars, and love horses,  although never owned one.  I love all critters,  had a dog,  cat,  fish,  bird,  and a half breed wolf/dog with six dew claws on both back legs.

I love music like hip hop,  R & B,  Reggae,  Native/Traditional/Urban/Lodge singers,  and Indigenous instrumental;  Jazz,  oldies,  techno,  pop latino,  salsa,  and rock.  I love to dress nice in style and my own comfortable creative native style of urban wear.  I am open minded,  energetic,  informative;  love to circulate education each one teach one for the truth or to a conclusion.

I like going out,  especially in nature,  but I been city dwelling.  I go to restaurants,  clubs,  bars I been to but I get burnt out - not my crowd.  park,  amusement and water parks,  beaches,  waterfall - like Niagara Falls.  I am everywhere - love travel. 

I am outspoken,  not afraid to be myself,  humble,  considerate of others,  sociable, repsectful,  honest,  sincere,  and dedicated about life and others.  I am a strong man,  inside and out.  I can hold my own.  I don't like when people pick on the weak,  meek,  and the one who turns the other cheek.  I am not conceited and I do get a lot of attention from some aura of mines I have but I like to be discreet and assertive in what I do.  I like to watch TV but there is a lot I put in me now a days too much propaganda and subliminal messages and no education.  I like to watch A & E,  Discovery,  educational things.  I like some sit coms and movies.  I ain't too stiff.  Like the Simpsons,  Dark Angel,  Ally McBeal,  and comedys Martin.  One of my favorites is An American Family.
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