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  Norman Richardson Jr photo
Birth Date
AddressUSP Victorville
P O Box 5500
Adelanto, CA 92301
CommentsTo Native Females or others:
Hey now! This one goes out to a caring person with some character, not only that, but "Native Pride" goes a long way with me beautiful! First of all, I'm a respectful person who always upholds tradition, and I try to pass it on to the next willing, ya know? So consider this "smoke signal" an intertribal war cry from a solid warrior, alright?

Well my name is Norman but my people call me CrazyBear and I'm from the Dine nation. I'm 32 (6/05) and I am feeling a lil' homesick and I could use your company. I ain't looking for love, and I sure ain't trying to look for handouts. Just somethin sweet every now and then for a bear. I'll always be on your right side if you holla at me beautiful.

I know it is in the back of your mind of "what" and "how long" I'm here for, but I step out and assure you my stay is less than 2 years and i'm a cool native, proud to represent even in times like this. Til then I'm looking out foryours and I'll have more in the next one ok? Take care baby, write soon.
InterestsI love pow wow songs and love to draw.
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