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NumberDP 3036
Birth DateAugust
AddressS C I Houtzdale
P O Box 1000
Houtzdale, PA 16698-1000
Nation/TribeOglala Lakota
CommentsI was born in August,  do not know date or year.  I am between 40 and 45 years old.  Age does not mean a whole lot to me.  We are here until we go onto our next path and that is that.  I do not care about the age or sex of my pen pal(s).  I am not doing this for romance.  I simply want someone who has a strong sense of their own spirituality and would like to share and discuss it with me.  I do not follow the "Jesus way"   -   I follow the old ways.  I believe that to heal our Mother,  we must return to our ways of the past that served us so well before the arrival of the European.  I am not prejudiced.  I do,  however,  feel that it is our responsibility,  as the Native population,  to show the whites the way to the one true path.  We must not be angry with them,  they are like children.  You don't yell at a child because he does not know and understand,  you teach him so that he does.  Those are my beliefs.  I embrace anyone who has a true desire to learn no matter what color they may be. 

I have been locked up 5  1/2  years of a 7-14 year sentence,  so have another year and a half until my minimum.  While I have been in prison,  I have not been idle.  I have earned a degree in Psychology,  a Masseusse license,  counseling degree for drug and alcohol and anger management,  a degree in Native American Studies,  a teaching degree from the Good Medicine Society,  a degree of achievement from the Sacred Circle Institute,  and a certificate of letter from the Gray Wolf Medicine Society.  I was the program coordinator at the drug program at my last prison,  and I now work as the Head Clerk at the Barber Shop here.  I try to walk my path with respect for all and I try to always show love and compassion to everyone that I come across. 

Right now I act as Spokesperson,  Assistant Pipe Carrier,  and Librarian for our small hoop here.  I have spearheaded a program we call "Give Away for the Children" (see below).

I have many plans to implement upon my release also.  I have plans to start a traditional ways drug and alcohol treatment center with my adopted sister on her land in Arkansas.  It will be for my young brothers and sisters to get free from the chains of drugs and alcohol,  and to get back to our traditions and spirituality. 

I hope to correspond with someone who shares my views and has enthusiasm and drive to help our people.

Wopila,  Walk softly on Mother Earth.  Looks at Clouds

The "Give Away for the Children" is a program I spearheaded.  Currently we  (the Circle)  are collecting donations of toys,  books,  clothing,  and food stuffs for the children of Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation in South Dakota.  As I am sure you are aware,  there is an 85 %  unemployment rate on the res,  so they need help.  Anyone wishing to donate,  please contact me at the above address for information on where to send donations.
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