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Birth Date
AddressFCI Safford
P O Box 9000
Safford, AZ 85548-9000
CommentsI'm interested in a women I can just write to, to have a distant friend I can share thoughts, maybe feelings. Age don't matter to me, it's what's in the heart. [NOTE: NAPN requires site visitors to be 18 years of age or older.] I don't look at the appearances. I'm interested in a women to help me let the year go by and hopefully stay in touch after my release. This is just a start for me on getting a pen pal. If there is that someone out there interested in being a friend with me, it would mean a lot. A photo would do if it's no trouble.
InterestsI enjoy fishing, camping, hiking, basketball, football. I'm also a silversmith and do jewelery for a little extra money. I'm very open on conversation. Dancing is my favorite thing, it's like exercising. I wouldn't want to get too old that quick so I like to dance. I like spending time in front of a fireplace or a campfire. To talk, listen to each other's stories. My occupation is BIA Forestry, Wildland Firefighter, to save the forests.
Release Date5/06

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