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Dawkins Querta photo
Birth Date5/12/77
AddressUSP Victorville
P O Box 5500
Adelanto, CA 92301
Nation/TribeHualapai Nation
CommentsI want to say "whats up!" to the person reading this page on this network. Let me introduce myself.  My name is Dawkins Querta.  I'm 25 years old. I'm a Native American,  from the Hualapa Tribe.  I come out of the Big AZ (Arizona).

Yeah I am locked up behind these walls out here in California. I have been here for several years now, doing my usual thing. You know,  staying busy.

Not having much contact with the outs,  I finally decided to get with my people that is hooking up with this internet web site.  (Much love to them!).  I am hoping that this lil' hookup could give me some contact out there with someone who is "cool like that" (when I say "someone" I am talking about a female, better yet, a woman!).  I'm trying to holler at a woman who is cool like that,  a woman with humor and enjoys laughter,  a woman who isn't afraid of trying new things,  or different things.  Basically,  a woman who is not afraid of nothing.  A woman who expresses herself,  plus her "beauty".  But for real,  I would like to know a woman who is true to the game.  Meaning,  that you are true to yourself and your morals.

So if you are any one of these,  maybe even some,  or all of them... get at me,  write to me and put a smile on this face. All I want is to have a pen pal and some correspondence.  Much respect!
InterestsI am interested in meeting new people,  and to find out their interests.  I'm also interested
in fine and dandy things and people.
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