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Birth Date5/6/75
AddressASPC Florence Central Unit
P O Box 8200 1-A-10
Florence, AZ 85232
CommentsHello there! My name is Roderick Quam, I am a 29 year old Zuni Indian. I am 5' 10" tall. At this present time I'm at Florence Prison Complex. This here is my first week behind prison bars and still have 25 years to go. I was born at the Zuni Indian Hospital. My grammar school was taken in Zuni. After 5th grade I went to school in Utah under the Indian placement program. For personal reasons I stayed home after my freshman year so I finished high school at Zuni in the year '93.
InterestsI love to play basketball and baseball. Most of all, I follow football on tv. Also as of lately, reading has become a daily routine. My days are spent working out and alot of reading. Aside from sports, outdoors activity are my favorite things to do, such as camping, fishing, and hunting. One other thing I love is cooking - that is something that I have enjoyed even as a teenager.
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