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Birth Date
AddressSouth Dakota State Penitentiary
P O Box 5911
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5911
Nation/TribeSicangu Lakota Nation
CommentsI am 31 years old, due to be released March 2006. My goals are rehabilitation, continuing to practice my Lakota religion, culture, and carry on my heritage. Number 1 goal: Sundance for my people. Reaching out for someone to chat the chit with through correspondence. Age, sex, nationality not important! [NOTE: NAPN requires site visitors to be age 18 or older.]
InterestsOther cultures and lifestyles, education, religion, and self-analysis. My hobbies include arts and crafts (traditional and contemporary beadwork, painting, leatherwork and horsehair), singing (pow wow, ceremonial and peyote), Personal Health (weight lifting, basketball, and eating).
Release Date

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