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Number444683-26 [# is required for mail to be received]
Birth Date2/2/70
AddressJim E Hamilton Correctional Center (JEHCC)
53468 Mineral Springs Road
Hodgen, OK 74939-3064
CommentsI am a member of ethnicity Black-Indian-French-White (Creole). I am 6' 2", dark brown curly hair, 200 lbs, waist 34", hazel-green eyes, bronze complexion, and medium build. I have been incarcerated for 2 years. I am 34 years of age and have a deep passion for Christ. I have an excellent spirit, easy going, as well as a sense of humor. I am originally from California and served in the USMC for a term of 8 years with an honorable discharge.
InterestsI am interested in corresponding with a foreign female, possibly from Sweden, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Spain, France, Iceland, as well as other foreign countries, especially England. Perhaps the female could be fairly younger than I, age group 22-28, with red hair, fair skin, maybe blue or green eyes with freckles, slim build, charming personality and outgoing. Single and preferably no children. I am open minded about this opportunity. My primary interests are cooking (I am a chef with background in culinary arts). I am a true outdoorsman, but I like to hang out at home and play, B-B-Q, etc. the beach is my favorite hang out. I love to cook and serve food to people. I have waited tables before and that was a great job. I enjoy pleasing ohters. I like to attend pentecostal church services. I look forward to moving back to the west coast, NV or CA, or VT on east further my culinary skills. I love animals and expect some day to own a ranch in MT, WY, ND or ID. The Lord is my primary mainline interest, only by his grace and will. I will seek him first always. I am also interested in having a best friend over a period of time during my correspondence This is my first incarceration, I have no family to write.
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