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Galen Potts photo
Birth Date
AddressUSP Florence
P O Box 7000
Florence, CO 81226
CommentsI am 50 years of age,  young at heart.  I live on the Blackfeet reservation,  one of the biggest res.  My home town is Browning,  in the heart of Glacier National Park in the northwestern part of MT,  east of the Canadian border.  I am 5'  8"  tall,  165 lbs.,  weight watcher, physically fit,  brown eyes,  black hair,  some gray tint.  Act and look younger than age.  My weakness is younger ladies,  10 years younger.  Then I also like beautiful women.  I'm a real gentleman,  treat my ladies with respect and spoil them.  So the age of a woman doesn't matter,  it's how you treat them.  [NOTE: NAPN requires site visitors to be 18 years of age or older.] 

I spent a lot of my time off the reservation,  work-wise.  Work for movie theatre,  Hollywood strip for 10 years (70 then 80).  I like keeping my mind on work.  I worked for Oil & Gas in Natural Resources for the reservation.  Also work history of Blackfeet fire fighter.  Had training in security officer position for the tribe,  also Glacier Park Lodge.  As soon as I'm through with my time here at Florence,  I'll be finishing up my education,  get my A.A. degree in Hospitality Management,  Motel,  Hotel  -  a year left to finish up.
InterestsI like fishing,  camping, hiking,  horseback riding,  boating,  golfing,  basketball games,  to cook,  exercise,  and taking trips sight seeing.  I am also an electrician and like wiring houses,  working on outboard motors,  and a real handy man.  No job too big or small.

I also enjoy listening to music,  rock,  R&B,  country,  and classical.  I also sing in my native language.  I like singing at pow wows.  Used to dance in my Native culture,  but still like to dance.  Anyway you want,  I'm game.

I like to keep up with time,  not too much laying arund,  but if you wish,  I'll cuddle and hug you,  smoochie-puchie near the fireplace.  I'll end here and wait for beautiful and loving,  caring (sweetheart) to come to my emotional rescue.  Spill her heart out with lead and ink to fill my heart with hope and cheer.
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