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Birth Date
AddressNeal Unit
9055 Spur 591
Amarillo, TX 79107-9696
CommentsI learned through my grandfather that his mother was half Indian, and from what I do understand, we come from the Sioux tribe. Now that I just recently found out that the way my grandfather's sister found him was through the Indian census and that sparked a flame wanting to know more about my Indian bloodline, which I'm very proud of to claim. So this is where I'm wanting to get back to my native roots.

My name is David Leroy Pluff, Jr. I'm 37 years young (1/06), blondish-brown hair, blue eyes, 5' 8" and stocky. I was born in Lampasas, TX, raised in east TX area and fell out of Houston, TX., I was raised country and western, am into rodeoing and anything a person can do in the wide open spaces.
InterestsI listen to all types of music; love to have fun, going to the movies or just watching them at home with that special someone. I love to draw and can draw pretty much anything I see. I'm really into drawing pictures of Indians from the old days.

I would like to meet a lady that is loving and caring with an open mind and heart, that could help me learn more about my history. I'm not asking for anything except correspondence of friendship, and maybe it can lead into a relationship; and that she is into her native history. Don't mind if she has kids or not, kids are what makes the world go around, and they are our future. I don't care if she is 20 to 50. Age doesn't matter [NOTE: NAPN requires site visitors to be minimum 18 years of age.]
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