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Rene Pineda photo
NumberP-05477   D5/115U
Birth Date8/27/73
AddressCSP / LAC
44750 60th St. West
Lancaster, CA 93536
CommentsI'm hopeful that the following will help you to make the most positive assessment of who I am.  I will refrain from any exaggerations,  and instead only mention the most interesting and necessary things about myself.  (smile)

My name is Rene M. Pineda,  although I'm better known as Raven.  I was born on August 27,  1973  (29 years of age) in Los Angeles,  California.  I was raised in L.A. for the most part.  I'm 150 lbs.  soaking wet and 5'  6"  in state boots (smile).  I am olive skinned,  with dark brown eyes,  and long dark brown hair.

Both my parents were born and raised in Honduras (Central America).  I'm bilingual -  English and Spanish -  although my Spanish could be better.  I'm also trying to teach myself Arabic.

I'm a single father of two beautiful children.  My son is 13 and my daughter is 11 years old.  I also have one older sister and two younger brothers.

Currently I'm pursuing my B.A. degree (via correspondence) in Business Administration.  I write music and poetry,  and I'm currently finishing up my first screenplay entitled "Wrong Love."  I'm an avid reader and particularly like reading and studying ancient history,  religions,  and world politics.

It wasn't until my incarceration almost 5 years ago that I began to study ancient history and religion.  It was at that point when I became increasingly interested in learning about my own roots that trace back to Honduras and to the descendants of the ancient Maya in Central America.  Upon my return to society, I will learn the language,  of life,  and purchase land in or near the Mayan's ancient civilization;  and hopefuly live there in my late years.

I've been down since February "98" and although I'm not being incarcerated,  I'm sure that this experience has been much more of a positive for me than a negative.  Behind these prison walls and within a 6'  x 12'  cell I've learned a tremendous amount about myself,  thus becoming a much better person and conscious of my behavior and motives.

Lastly, I'm a realist.  I admire honesty,  and enjoy the company and friendship of those who are motivated and goal-oriented,  and who will welcome a challenge.  I'm attracted to respectable,  intelligent,  postive,  and cultured women who take life seriously,  and yet know how to have fun.  Most importantly,  I'm looking for some stimulating conversation.  Feel me?
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