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Birth Date8/22/77
AddressASPC Lewis / Morey - Blue (1 - D - 21)
P O Box 3300
Buckeye, AZ 85326
Nation/TribeOglala / SihaSapa Lakota
CommentsI am 25years old,  6'  9" tall,  with brown hair and eyes.  My interests include Native American history and politics and reading as much as possible.  I enjoy sci-fi,  historical fiction,  classics,  just about everything.  I like sit coms and comedy movies.  I enjoy music,  mostly pow wow,  traditional,  rock,  and a little hip-hop.

I am looking for a friend.  I don't care about looks,  age,  race,  sex,  creed,  or anything like that. [NOTE: NAPN requires visitors to the site to be 18 years of age or older]. I would love to find my soulmate,  but if I don't find her,  I would still be happy with good friends.  I have a whole life time of adventures and knowledge to share,  and I know there are billions more out there.

If you are looking for an active Native American pen pal for long-term friendship at the least,  someone who loves to write and will always respond,  then I'm your guy.  I look forward to meeting you.  Your friend, Pte Cante Sapa. Black Buffalo Heart.

I have many joys and pains,  loves and hates.  I have goals and dreams,  ideas and hopes.  I have so much swiming in me that I need someone to share it with.  Help me put it in perspective.
InterestsI enjoy all kinds of music but especially like older rock (50,  60,  70's) and of course,  pow wow 49ers.

I love to read and write.  I am a teacher in this yard's classroom,  and the record keeper for the Native American Circle here.  I like to spend time writing poems and drawing.
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