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Birth Date03/03/71
AddressASPC Eyman SMU II
P O Box 3400
Florence, AZ 85232
Nation/TribeYaqui-Mexican (Chihuahua - Mexico)
CommentsI'm in SMU II, one of the America's most harttest prisons. Every day is never ending struggle to stay strong and hold on to my sanity and spirituality. I"m joining this good respectable NAPN pen pal site in an attempt to meet new friends and gain support. I'll be very honest, I have no support out there from family or friends. My mother is very ill & my father past away. I have been locked in solitary confinement iron house. No jobs are available to me. Although I'm a strong and proud man, I'm also humble and I'm not ashamed or embarassed to admit when I need help. I am attempting to raise money for my struggle to survive this place. I will do all I can to do all I can to help you help me. This is my dilemma and I hope to hear from you very soon. I will reply to all letters. Thank you for your time, with my most sincere respects.
InterestsI love music, especially R&B; riding motorcycles, camping, and fishing.
Release DateFirst one 2018, second one 2021

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