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NamePAUL NOT AFRAID (Formerly Wright)
Birth Date7/30/73
Address700 Conley Lake Road
Deer Lodge, MT 59722
CommentsMy name is Paul Not Afraid (formerly Wright),  but all of my friends call me Peanut.  I am half Crow Indian and half Scottish,  but I look mostly Scottish.  I am a prisoner :(,  am doing an 80 year sentence so you can see why I am in such need of good long-term pen pals.  I do lots of reading and am studying computers right now for future job skills,  and I work with horse hair as a hobby.  I can make just bout anything with horsehair.
InterestsI like all types of music because I believe I can always find some good tunes in each type.  I used to love to travel,  it was one of my passions.  I loved seeing new places and meeting new people.
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