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Birth Date12/28/73
AddressSouth Dakota State Penitentiary
P O Box 5911
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5911
Nation/TribeOglala Sioux
CommentsI am 6'2", 220 lbs, brown eyes and hair. My hobbies include native beadwork, poetry, John Grissum books, pow-wows, and speaking native tongue.
InterestsPlaying and watching basketball and football. I come from the Pine Ridge reservation. I lived in Sacramento, California for (10) years in my youth, before returning to the reservation.

I come from a big family of (3) boys and (3) girls. I believe in family honor and respect above all else. I am very interested in my native history as well as that of other tribes. I try to attend every pow wow that I can. My favorite dance is the grass dance because of the gracefuness in the movements. I also enjoy doing my native beadwork, which I can do well. I can bead almost anything from keychains, barretts, earrings, and all kinds of things, up to fully beaded moccassins. I hope to some day, make and bead myself a full costume so that I can dance at every pow wow I attend.

I also love to read and write poetry of all kinds. I enjoy reading books by Patrisha Cornwell, James Patterson, John Grissum. I am also into working on and fixing cars. These are all passions of mine, but most especially when I can learn something new. My favorite cars are Fords. I enjoy listening to oldies, R&B, rock-n-roll, and am open to some country.
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